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Assertive Advocacy in North Carolina Criminal Matters

The criminal justice system is a monster — it’s a tilted field, unfair to defendants from the start. In a typical criminal matter, the officer who arrested you, the magistrate who set your initial bond, the district attorney who prosecutes you, and the judge who presides over your case are all government employees. The proceedings happen on their home court, on the date and time that they deem appropriate. Legislators pass new laws every session making it easier and easier for the state to win convictions over defendants and — let’s call it what it is — they rely on the revenue that the criminal justice system generates in order to continue to function.

You might think that the underdog defendant would at least have public sentiment on his or her side, but not in our society. Our media publishes mug shots, addresses and allegations of criminal matters well before a defendant has had any type of hearing. The harsher the allegations, the more certain the public seems to become of the guilt of the accused. People are fired, evicted, expelled, ordered not to have contact with their own spouses or children, and often even incarcerated — all well before a criminal conviction.

The One Person You Can Trust

The plain truth of the matter is that a criminal defense attorney is the one person a defendant should be able to count on to have their back. The attorney’s job is to advocate for their clients at all stages of the proceeding — reminding our court officials along the way that our system is built on the presumption of innocence. Defense attorneys aren’t heroes to anyone except for our clients and their families — to everyone else, we are an obstacle in the way of what they might call justice. We are pleased to be such obstacles. Good luck getting around us.

If you have been charged with a crime — and it has been longer than two days — you have already gotten a dozen or so letters from attorneys who want you to hire them. If you haven’t gotten them yet, they are coming. An Internet search will show several hundred firms, all apparently offering the best services that money can buy.

Do yourself a favor — don’t get sold on marketing material. There are several outstanding criminal attorneys out there and there are a lot of other ones, as well. It’s hard to tell the difference. Take the time to interview us, look us in the eyes, ask the hard questions — meet with enough of us and you will be able to tell who really knows their stuff. This is the time to be choosy. It really can make a difference which one of us you hire. Whoever you go with is going to be the one person truly on your side through what is often one of the most difficult periods of your life. Choose well.

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