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  • Why We Should All Loathe Checkpoints

    I’m disheartened at how little push back there is in this country of checkpoints, roadblocks, checking stations – whatever you want to call them.  We have all seen them – you are driving down the road and all of a sudden, there is a backlog of traffic – it looks like there has been a big accident up ahead.  You pull forward, and a cop stops you – he or she is polite enough, looks you over, shines a flashlight through the inside of your car and at each of your passengers, asks you where you are coming from and where y...

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  • Speaking to the N.C.G.S. regarding HB63

    Yesterday, I had the unique opportunity to testify in public comment on a proposed bill before the North Carolina Legislature. House Bill 63 remains in committee at this time, meaning that it is not yet ready for a vote and now is the ideal opportunity to alert lawmakers as to the legal and constitutional problems with the bill. This bill, if passed, will directly affect our clients and our community. There are a few different parts to the bill, which is otherwise known as the Citizens Protection Act of 2017. There are increased penalties for manuf...

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