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If you stand accused of a crime or your U.S. immigration status is in jeopardy because of criminal charges, you no longer have to feel powerless when facing the justice system — or pessimistic about your future.

The Fay & Grafton criminal defense and immigration law firm in Raleigh replaces that powerlessness and pessimism with help — and hope.

Raleigh criminal lawyer William L. Fay and immigration attorney Rebekah G. Grafton combine their years of experience, proven litigation skills and attentive personal service to offer you the best chance for positive results.

A DWI, drug charge or series of traffic violations carry harsh punishments for North Carolina citizens. So does overstaying a visa, a domestic violence conviction or an immigration detainer. No matter how severe your legal crisis, Fay & Grafton works hard to put it behind you and turn your life in a positive direction.

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Experienced Wake County Immigration Lawyers Serving North Carolina

Look to Fay & Grafton for quality representation of your rights and goals in these practice areas:

  • DWI/DUI, criminal law and traffic law in Wake County and surrounding areas — including drug and alcohol offenses, assaults and domestic violence, larceny and property crimes and juvenile law, also advocating for restoration of your driver's license and to clear your criminal record via expungement
  • Immigration law statewide and nationally — for issues of citizenship and naturalization, I-9 employer verification, deportation and removals, Dream Act matters, a broad range of visas, and skilled assistance for green card and residency clients

Fay & Grafton lawyers excel at investigation of your charges for any sign that law enforcement overstepped its bounds; negotiation with prosecutors to put you in the best possible legal position; and dedicated safeguarding of your interests throughout the legal process. Start to finish, you have full access to our expertise so that any sudden questions or concerns can be promptly addressed.

We know the challenges you face. We know the life-changing penalties that await you. We want our help to give you hope — and preserve your freedoms and future. Contact us to discuss your case in detail and in confidence.

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